Hello ladies


Hello all, it’s been long I posted here. How are you all doing? Am so happy for everyone that have shared their positive news here and I pray you all carry to term and those who already put to bed, God will bless you all and provide what you will use to take care of your children. And those ladies who are still in the waiting room, God will surely answer you all speedily in Jesus name Amen. Am leaving the group finally cos unfortunately for me my marriage failed after we tried everything and couldn’t get things right for 9years. My ex got another lady pregnant outside without my knowledge but thank God for a good Samaritan who called me and informed me. I have picked up the pieces and moved on and I know someday soon I will have cause to be truly happy again. Wish you all the best. BFPs to you all.


OMG! This is really really sad :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:
I’m really sorry to hear this.
Thanks for your support all these while and a big amen to your prayers for everyone of us.
I wish you all the happiness u ever deserve, we will miss u here ma’am


This is so sad! I understand your pain & my prayers are with you sister.
Is it because of no child yet in the marriage, maltreatment or the cheating that led to the separation? If he’s been caring, loving & understanding, I don’t think his betrayal/unfaithfulness is enough reason for a break-up (except he asked for it though).
Anyways, whatever be the case, God will perfect all that concerns you. May you find peace & love, above all find that ONE person that will give you unconditional & love whose sperm will match your eggs for conception. Just remember that it is not enough to break you, but it should make you stronger, better, more determined & resilient. Beer hugs from me to you dear @Onyii


God please have mercy on your daughter its so painful.


Feel like shedding tears sister. I know what you are going through God will surely give you ur own children. Not one not two but as many as u desire in Jesus name. Amen. @Onyii