Help with IUI center


We r planning on IUI, any suggestions on a very good hospital with high success rate? Please help, thank u.


Location please. If you are in Abuja I know a very good place


@J_don, location is Osun state. Thank you.


Had an IUI last week but in abuja. Praying for a positive result. Gods mercy be on us all


Aww, please trust God for the best. I had someone did hers in Jan and it was a big success. God will favor you with your heart desires. Amen.
The voice of the Lord will stand out for you no matter the noise around your life, His word will speak for you no matter what the enemy is saying, you will surely be blessed by the most high God this very month, the Lord will help, keep, uphold, sustain, protect, defend and exalt you and His hand shall always be around you for good


I say a resounding amen. God bless real good