How can we support you


Hello my fruitful mothers, please how can we support each other? I’ve been thinking of ways but let’s discuss this and come to a conclusion on how best we can support ourselves.
We will be waiting for your comments


Can they be discussions with medical personnel to ask questions we may have. This will be very helpful.


Can we have a whatsapp chat group where we can get a medical personnel to teach us on topics regarding fertility and we can also encourage one another when we are down as well. I noticed we haven’t been very active on this platform and I guess a whatsapp group should be better.


personally i want to know who has had success with pregnancy with severe endometriosis on this platform, what they did and tips for those like us who clinch to hope. i would also like for it to be more active and interactive, i asked a question and nobody has replied.


@Blessedmom, thank you for your input. Personally, I don’t have the right response to your question and I know most people here are not too open to discuss their challenges. So if there is no response, it’s not always because they don’t want to respond. They forget we learn from one another and someone might be learning from suggestions proffered by another sister. This is why I’m asking this question so we all can share and support one another.

So my sisters, please it’s a forum for us all to learn, let’s make it very interactive, supportive and fun. Let’s not make our challenges take over precious and memorable moments.
I’ve met few number of women here in persons and some we spoke and chat and we’ve become friends. That is what this forum is hoping to achieve as we all achieve our goals of conception.

I’m very open to suggestion on how to make it interactive, I will be so excited if one or two of us can join me to make it interactive. My prayer is for all our prayers be answered as well as make friends and sisters in our quest. I hope I’ve been able to answer a part of your question.
I’m planning we should have another “Ask A gynecologist Session” but we need to be sure this is welcomed by all through your reply/comments. Baby dust to all :kissing_heart:


@MamaJ, we will discuss this and agree on topics to be discussed. Thanks for sharing sis


@Folakemi thank you sis for sharing, I totally agree with you as per the interactiveness. But we can make it more active if we all can contribute and respond to another person’s questions. Some of us are silent readers and members which is not optimizing the opportunities we have here. On the other hand, Whatsapp will take away the wealth of knowledge available here.

When a new member joins a whatsapp group, the person doesn’t see what has been asked or discussed in the past which is what makes this forum very unique. I want anyone who comes on this forum to see and learn from what has been shared in the past and I believe this is how we can all learn and support one another.

Just to add, we created a whatsapp group in the past and trust me the direction it took was far from the original direction, and new people just couldn’t relate with on-going topics and most were complaining about the notifications on their phone. I hope I’ve been able to shed some light on your request sis. Please I’m very open to ways to make it very interactive and creative. Please share what you think. :hugs:


I agreee with you on that but if it will be possible to keep both the platform and the whatsapp group. People hardly interact here,i have asked questions here on several occasions and didnt and didn’t get any response which I wasn’t too cool with and i guess it woukd have been better if it was a whatsapp group chat as i will have immediate response to my questions. If there is anything we can do to make us more active on this platform,it will be well appreciated.


Good morning Sis, hope you are enjoying the weather. To say the truth, trust me we can’t keep both. It’s usually one for the other. That is actually the major reason the forum became inactive. By demand, we started a Whatsapp group when we were planning for a Christmas hangout, before you know what is happening the forum became less interactive, new people joining the forum didn’t know what is happening because there was a shift to the Whatsapp chat group.

Oh by the way, it also became a broadcast dump ground, new people joined but they had no idea of what is being discussed because they can’t see previous chats. We can always have a chat group for hangouts which will be limited to that specific purpose.
Also, from experience it’s usually best to have the medical personnel discussion on the forum and not the chat so other people in the future can access this information too.

My main argument is for people joining in the future to have same access to fertility information as everyone. I’m hoping every sisters on this forum can contribute to this discussion. :hugs::hugs:


Hello all, please who has taken progyluton and how effective is it when ttc?


@samuelwealth, I did but not completely. Had what the doc called chemical pregnancy


Ok. Thanks