How do i know if i am pregnant? Please help

Good morning Sisters. I am new here and i have alot of questions to ask. Please i need suggestions and your best advice.
I got married in June last year and 2 months after i started treating infection, month after month up until Dec 25th i took my last injection, but meanwhile i had seen my period on the 14th through to 17th and then we tried and kept trying.
Fast forward to January i didn’t see my period which was supposed to come on the 13th but i didn’t see it. On the 27th i used the pregnancy test strip and got only one line i dont even know if it is positive or negative or invalid but the next day i saw blood on my pant and it lasted for 2 days but it wasn’t like my regular period, it didn’t have the colour of my regular period or even smell like it.
The thing now is i don’t know if i am pregnant, i am scared to take another test or even to see a doctor. I don’t know what to do. I need advice please.
I am so sorry for the long epistle.

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It till much possible that your pregnant…
Give it sometime ND check again…

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My dear is better u go see a doctor because mine is also like that

I tried 3 times and did 2 blood tests but it came out negative. The doctor asked me to go for hormonal profile. He said my hormones were not balanced