How do you know if you are pregnant

How do you know if you are pregnant

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For most people, a missed period is the first sign of pregnancy, especially if there was intercourse during the ovulation window. This is then confirmed by carrying out a test (Urine or blood test)

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@Oboh-loveth we welcome you momma. Most people is through missed period or urine, blood test or through scan

Hello fruitful wife,
I need your counsel here, aw many days will a baby have to stay in the womb before a pregnancy can be confirmed positive or negative. I started my menstration on 9th jan Ended on 13th .I meet with my husband tru out my fertile days 20-26. On 27th I feel really sick, I went to do a malaria nd pregnancy test,malaria tested positive but pregnancy negative. I feel very strongly that am pregnant the signs am feeling now does not look like my usual malaria symptons.I feel that the pregnancy blood test was done too early thats why the pregnancy was not detected.please advice me am been TTC for 6months nw, am 27 years old

@Prisdam good morning sis, I apologize for the late response. By now you should know if you are pregnant or not. At times our mind plays trick on us and psychologically we start having these funny symptoms and signs. Please donā€™t sweat it, it will definitely happen. It happens when we least expect it. Pls I will like to know the status of things now. Baby dust