How efficient is Ruzu?


Mothers in the house, please who have used Ruzu? Sm1 said it’s good for cleansing and helps one to conceive on time, pls can sm1 confirm this for me. Thank you. Make God answers us sharp sharp, amen.


I actually use it, but mostly during my monthlies. I think it helps in detoxifying the system. I don’t know if others have more on it’s use. @simplymilk @Victoria @ThefruitfulWife @afolake @ChaCha @Aldo has any of u used it?


I read somewhere that it is good and help in conception, I also read reviews of women who testified about its potency. I don’t know sha but that bitters is bitter :sweat:, I’ve tried it few occasions and each time really helped with my bowels. Anyone that have used shld pls share with the house.