How long to start Trying again after a miscarriage


Hello my sisters, please I need advice on when to start having sex again to trying to conceive again. Doctor says we should wait for at least 3 months but my spirit is telling me to start trying immediately. I just need something to get over it. Please tag me. Thanks


Good morning @MamaJ when I had a miscarriage (of almost 5months) June last year, my doctor said to wait for 3months to heal & allow my system return to normal. I couldn’t wait and started trying 2weeks after, even though I’ve not been able to get preggy again but I know the wait is not necessary; as long as you feel fine, start as soon as possible. (I’ve had people tell me that that is even the best time as your body is still open, your bundle of joy may just enter). Baby dust to us all in Jesus mighty name Amen.


Good afternoon. I agree with you, no retreat no surrender is my motto this year. God will answer this year whether the enemies like it or not. Amen