How many embryo is best to implant in IVF procedure?


A total of 18 eggs was extracted, doc said he’s gonna implant 4 embryos , hubby said 3. Me I think I want 4 to increase my chances, cos the doc said sometimes some drops and not all implants. What do u guys think, for those who ve gone thru this procedure.


Awww, you are very lucky, mine was 20 eggs and we agreed on 3 eggs to be implanted, others frozen. But only one got to fully developed.


Thanks, the 5 embryos were all grade B


Hello there,
In the UK, a maximum of 2 embryos are returned. This is because the risk of failure in a multiple pregnancy increases for a higher number of embryos / fetus.

2 embryos have a higher chance of getting adequate nutrition and a better chance to grow and develop. More than 2 causes a situation where they are already competing for nutrients from the beginning. I know people from other boards (out of the UK) where 3 were returned and 2 or all failed all together.

It’s better to have one live birth than 4 failed ones.

Good luck!


Hello dear,
I also had 4 planted during my time but lost the whole 4 and later heard that the lower the number, the grater the chance of its survival.

Pls do 2 embryos for a grater chance. God will perfect it IJN.

Good luck dear