How to care for your nipple during pregnancy


During pregnancy,it is very important to clean our nipples,we should avoid the use of soap,we should only clean them with water and apply olive oil on it, so as to clear the ducts for painless breastfeeding before our bundle of joy comes,Also we should make sure we pull out our nipples incase of flattened nipples so as to allow easy latching for the dust to us all…


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Am currently on parlodel cos my boobs leaks when tightly squeezed. Can I clean with same attention?


Yes,you can clean with olive oil but that does not stops the boobs from leaking, you have to stop any form of stimulation,avoid touching d nipple area, avoid squeezing and wearing of tight clothing,and don’t stop taking your medication, also you can try dietary changes and do exercise along. Am sure it will work well for you.cheers


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Pls what is d causing of nipple hurting Ouse


dear @Ayaola2 improper latching of the baby causes it to hurt,its better to put the whole areola into the baby’s mouth to prevent pains