How to choose a right gyneacologist


Good day mamas on this forum,am so much happy to discover this community of fruitful women,please i got married last year and have not been pregnant,i want to start seeing a gyneacologist but i dont know how to go about it,i mean how to know how competent the gyneacologist is because i heard many of them are trial and error and also collect much money without positive results,please i want all mamas here to put me through,i dont want to choose the wrong gynea.Thanks so much.


Hello dear @anonymous20,good to have you here dear,i went through this article and i hope it helps;

  1. Good Reputation:
    You will be sharing some of the most intimate information and facets of your life, your sexuality and your body with your gynecologist. So be particular about standards. Look for a good reputed doctor. You can check the various hospitals that the doctor works for and form an opinion.

  2. Gynecologist And Obstetrician:

Ideally, you should look for a gynecologist who is also an obstetrician. This way, you will not have to look for a separate obstetrician to deliver your baby.

  1. Consult Your Friends And Relatives:

When finding a gynecologist, always consult your close friends and relatives. They might have their physicians who may refer good gynecologist

  1. Caring, Responsive And Friendly In Nature:
    Since you will be sharing a lot of your problems and issues with your gynecologist, it is important to find the one who is friendly in nature.

  2. Proximity:
    Your obstetrician must be close to your home. When pregnant, you might need to visit your doctor frequently. So easy availability of public transport and less commuting time is an important factor.

  3. Easy Availability:
    Your gynecologist must be able to attend to your emergency calls. She should also be responsive in terms of getting back to you when you need her. Getting easy appointment or seeing without appointment should also be possible

  4. Your Comfort:

You might also find a lot of male gynecologists who are equally good as females. But you must keep your mind open in this term. If having a male gynecologist makes you a little uncomfortable, always go for the female one.
If even after finding a gynecologist, you do not feel comfortable and are not satisfied, do not hesitate to change your gynecologist.

Reference;Mom’s junction


Wow so lovely.


This is so true. Thanks mama for sharing


This is very helpful, I should also add that make sure your doctor is always available not the one that runs from one appointment to another. My cousin had one like this and on the day of her delivery, he was not available becos he was consulting somewhere else despite she being in the hospital the previous day.


I’m learning here, thanks for sharing :blush:


Thanks so much @mamapikin for this,like @Abby said,there was a gynea i was seeing when i was pregnant,she said she is only gong to see me 3 times till i put to bed,she said i will be disturbing the baby too much if she keeps seeing me regularly,not knowing she would be too busy to attend to me,she has a lots of places she goes to consult,naso i carry my bag jejely to another hospital where i was monitored and checked regularly.


Are u kidding? So her patients health is not a big deal to her. Thank God you spoke to ur legs to carry u to a better place.


she has lots of places she’s working thats why. abi oh i had to talk to my legs


This gynea that I know as a friend he is not serious with me, he will give you appointment and still not be around, the other one does not give me full attention was explaining to him what has been happening to me his only concern is I should go for test, just filled forms and ask me to go and do over seven test without even listening to what my problema are.


imagine oh,a gyneacolgist should try as much to be available,as you should even have his or her number,thats how they do oh they will ask to repeat the test someone has done before,keep wasting time and money without positive results,well my dear @Redwine am leaving all to God,they care but God heals…we shall carry our babies this month i believe.


Amen @mamapikin


I chose one closer to my home and easily accessible and not HMO bcos the hospitals on my HMO are like General hospital.