How to stay positive when Waiting to Conceive


Sisters please share what you do to stay positive :slight_smile:
For me, stay connected with your GTC family.,
Please add yours:


As for me, I do the following:

Connect to other ttc moms,
Stay optimistic
get loved up
Have fun, enjoy life with my hubby
We prepare by buying baby stuff in faith for our babies
Also go out to events regarding conception and women empowerment
I also rejoice with others that have babies.


Focus on your career/job/business
Pray often
Attend your clinic and use your prenatal vitamins
Eat nutritious foods including vegetables and fruits


This is more like me too:

I also attend programs for awaiting mothers and include ginger and garlic in my meals every day


Be positive
Pray a lot
Visit the doctors

@mamatwins, please no offense but your name and picture states you are already a mother?!


It is my faith name, what I hope to be called and that is just a google picture :grin:. I wish to have twins , a boy and a girl. We are all mothers, now or later. I am putting my faith to practice


@MamaTwins I like that, weldone. May God answer all our prayers in Jesus name. Amen