Hydrosalpinx cure


Hello All,

Happy Valentine’s day.

Please i need help. My left tube has been diagnosed hydrosalpinx and right tube perfect… Sigh!.

I conceived 2015 on my left tube but lost it… please does anyone know any treatment to help open my left tube… i just want both tubes okay cos since the right tube is okay, why can’t i take in. Its been a year and a month have been trying to conceive :pensive:


So sorry to hear this dear. Oya oo let’s help a sister out.
By the way, @Persistence, I want you to know that having hydrosalpinx or tubal factor DOES NOT stop you from getting pregnant. My sister had 3 babies with just one tube and personally, I’m also a living testimony too. So please, let your faith be charged up. There is nothing too small or difficult for God to do.


God will perfect the timing, He has done it before and he will surely do it again. So please don’t lose your faith and trust in God. Baby dust sis!


Amen. I will try again.


You can take Astragalus root, serrapeptase systemic enzymes and do fertility massage at least 4 times in a week except during ovulation. Also, give yourself 6 month’s of consistent treatment and the hydro in your tubes will be a history.


@tsuk have you done this before and it worked for you?


Thank you dear… but do you know anyone who has done it and it worked for them?