Hello everyone, am a new member here. I got married two years after a myomectomy, it’s been a year and three months but no pregnancy yet. I have done scan severally, nothing was diagnosed but did hsg in October and was diagnosed of hydrosapinx on one tube. Please what do I do to concieve?

Welcome on board @Savy, I can’t say I know what you are going through but I know there’s nothing impossible for God to do.

  • It is possible for a woman to get pregnant with hydrosalpinx. However, chances of a successful pregnancy depend on the cause and severity of the blockage, and whether the woman has undergone any treatment.

Conception may occur without any treatment, but chances are lower and the risks of complications, such as early pregnancy loss, are more significant.

If a woman decides to have treatment for hydrosalpinx, chances of a successful pregnancy are higher, particularly if IVF treatment is given after treatment has taken place.*
Copied from medicalnewstoday.com

@Savy the best thing is to commence with the treatment and thankfully it’s one not both tubes. Have faith in God that it will end in praise. My prayers are with you as you take the best decision :hugs::hugs:

Please family, what treatment can be taken for hydrosapinx and blocked tube.

Surgery is usually the available solution.