Dear fruitful mothers please I need your advice, one of my friend that got married ending of last year she is also tccing. We got talking and she opened up to tell me that she when to see a doctor few months ago and told him she was ttc the doctor ask her to go for prolactin test, culture, swab and do HSG test which she did and it was discovered that she has blocked tube, one side of the tube was badly block while the other was block but not too serious like the other one. After the HSG the doctor did not even give her drugs to bring her prolactin to normal but rather asked her to go for hydrotubation three times, the bill he gave her for the hydrotubation was 159k for the three times, my friend and her husband are just managing life, she went back to plead with the doctor if there is anything else they can do first before the hydrotubation the man said madam go and pay for the hydrotubation, the chances I’d not even 100%, some doctors she asked said is too early for that for now, that other test and treatment can be done except when hydrotubation is the only option. Why do you momies think she should do cos I told her to relax in will get back to her by evening to know what she should do, I feel is too early for it too, I may be wrong.


From my experience, for some the tube clears while for some it remains same. But why 3X? That doctor must be a thief, she shld be placed on Parlodel or any bromocritine drug to reduce her prolactin level.
Ma i can’t advice her to do it oo, cos her chances of clearing the tube is very minimal. She shld best change her gynae.


Biko let her get a second opinion ASAP, 3 times ke, oh lord the supernatural physician remember your daughters…


I vote a second opinion, that doctor just want to collect her money. I used parlodel when my prolactin level was high and it’s normalized now. Besides that hydrotubation is very painful :confounded: , some claim several flushes clears d tube but I’ve not seen anyone with repeated flushes and that result sha. God answer us speedily, the torture and costs no be here.


Amen, I called her to come around and read your comments, thank you very much for your advice.


Is never done twice it is one I have done it and notin yet. I have been ttcing for 7 years+now. So I tell u out of experience. And is a very cheap procedures