Hysteroscopy and laparoscopy


please help me mummies i need a good clinic where i can perfom this procedure…i have pelvic/uterine adhesion and have been trying to conceive for 5years now…dont know if i should go straight for ivf or perform the operation…i need a link nd range limit…thanks


Hello Sis, I will recommend The Georges Memorial. Even if you wanted to go for IVF there, there will still recommend Hysteroscopy for you.
I had my hysteroscopy there and conceived that same month. Our medical assessments are different tho but I trust their process. Why not reach out and call someone in the IVF unit, compare prices and success rates with other hospitals then decide prayerfully. All the best!


please maam whats the address of George clinic


My apologies for the late reply. Please see below:


I will recommend Grabbo in gwarimpa. Did mine there 80k