I got a BFP W


I got a BFP!!! I was suppose to see AF on tuesday 6th of nov It didnt show, I kept cramping till friday morning, luckily I had a preg test strip from my predict ovulation kit that I had not used so I tore it open and did a urine test first thing friday morning and viola two lines showed! Immediately I called my dr and he asked I come in immediatly to begin progesterone shots cos of my history with pcos! I av started the shots and still managing my meals so I dnt feed the fibroids big! My rainbow baby is a year and 6months tomoro 12th. I pray that this joy I feel shall overflow to as many as desire it!! Baby dust to u all.


Happy 1.5yr birthday to our sunshine baby. :star_struck: may God visit all our heart desires. Amen


Awwwww thank you Jesus. Congratulations dear. I pray i get experience this precious gift this month. Amen :pray::pray: it will be a wonderful gift for my wedding anniversary soon. Amen :pray:. Also how do you avoid feeding that evil fibroid. What do you do?


Amen. I receive it by faith in the name of Jesus. Amen. Congratulations. @EkaAsandia


When is your anniversary


December dear :cry::worried:


Its well sis. You are about to testify. Get ready @persistence




Wow!!! A big congratulations to you sis. I tap into this. I will testify soon IJN


Thank u so much sis! I notice the fibroids grew large from my last pregnanacy at some point my Dr insisted on CS fo4 delivery but baby was born impromptu natural method! This time I ll try not to indulge in too much starchy foods and stay away from creams, perfumes, any chemicals that body may take in as estrogen cos my Dr said thats what makes d fibroid grow fast one of d reason i went natural and stoped relaxers 3 years ago, even my skin care I try as much as possible to do organic.
Thanks for the beautiful wishes and I pray u experience this beautiful gift as well, more Joy to u on ur upcoming anniversary


Amen… i will try to avoid all that also. Thanks for sharing and have a stress free pregnancy journey Amen