I have been trying for one year now to get pregnant

Hi everyone, am new here and don’t really know how it works. I have been trying for one year now to get pregnant after loosing my last pregnancy through ectopic

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Hello @Joyce, welcome to our community of mothers trying to conceive and thanks for sharing with us. I’m really sorry for your loss, but never lose hope there is a beautiful rainbow after the storm coming your way soon. Overall, 65% of women achieve a successful pregnancy within 18 months of an ectopic pregnancy, I will suggest you contact your doctor to run a scan to be sure there are no concerns. I hope this helps and I pray for a BFP for you soon. Baby dust

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Thanks ma, I have done that, carried out some scans ad directed by the doctor. Thanks I appreciate


Awesome. Don’t get discouraged or worry too much, keep a positive mindset and soon your next worry will be ‘which baby food should I use’.

I have high prolatin,how can it be treated. Q

@Ijeoma_Unice_Nkeremu your gynae is in the best position to prescribe a drug for you as well as the dosage. It differs for individuals