I need help, hubby refused to treat himself


We have been ttc for almost 2 years now with hubby having low sperm count and motility. The main problem is that hubby has refused to accept he has a problem not to talk of treating it. I don’t have any other person to talk to, I’m an orphan and his mother doesn’t care about thinking the fault was from me.

When she learn the fault is her son, she stopped culling snd saying it doesnt run in her family.His siblings too don’t care and to make it worse, he’s jobless and we are leaving on my savings. Now I’m so tired cos my life is living hell and hubby is not ready to treat himself to make babies. I really need help before they start saying it is witchcraft not knowing this is ignorance. I really need to start my own family, pls i need your advise on what I can do.


It’s really sad sis and it appears he’s living in denial. I will suggest you find a way to make him think of it as a fertility boost rather than treatment. Also find someone he respects enough to help talk to him. U are d one living in it, prayerfully speak to him. You should also let him realize the position he has put you. This might have a greater effect. God’s best always.


Some men are too selfish nd is mum is not helping matters. U shld have a heart to heart talk with him to decide if he’s ready to start a family or not. Pray for guidance too , it is well sis


Just keep praying that God touches his heart and give him reasons to do it.


SIS, firstly, don’t overdress yourself, be calm, this issue is a sensitive one, men have ego, infact he may tell u that afterall he only needs one sperm cell to fertilize yours. Secondly, register with a good gynaecologist, I mean both of u, the gynea should know how to emphasize the essence of treatment to him, then u can monitor him from there.


I meant overstress


Gudaftn everyone nd happy sunday. These is really a sad one, SO many Woman are going thru alot in their home but beautiful cloth and jewelry cover them. My dear sister!!! Your hubby Might be under manipulation from the pit of hell? It is now in your hand to take it to God in prayers (mostly at Midnight at least one hour, from 12pm to any time) tell God what u want to see in your hubby,. Notting is too difficult for God to do.


I would suggest starting to cook fertility boosting foods for men. Start cooking lots of fish, eggs and foods containing zinc. Naturally existing zinc and vitamin C works wonders for sperm motility and count


Hmmmm, I have a similar situation with dis, my hubby was diagnosed of low sperm count, he treat but refuse to go for post test to know if everything is OK. But I’m still not pregnant I’m tired and almost losing hope, the worst of it is dat my husband is an offshore worker and we hardly see bcos he spend much time at work than home, I don’t know what to do. I’m devastated


I can’t imagine what you are going through sis, I will suggest you talk to someone you know he listens to. :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs: hugs sis


Tanks sis.