I need help please

Good morning all,am new here and am glad to be here.i have been trying to conceive over 1yr now but nothing is happening.i have treated infections,my cycle is 27days.pls I need help


@UjuGod welcome on board fruitful momma. Have you done any hormonal profile to be sure all hormones are on track and a pelvic scan. Above all, you need to see a gynae who will also get your hubby tested to know all is clear. I hope this helps ma’am


Good morning @UjuGod please you and hubby should see a gynae to do more tests. Also be taking folic acid and try Maca root powder, very effective .

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Am nee here . I got married since 2018 having been to concive but all to know avail.
I last saw my period on the 6th Dec . On the 16 the my flow start I was confused Bec I thought am pregnant already and I have all singns . Pls help a sister

Welcome @Ralphx24, God will answer your secret prayers. have you and hubby visited any gynae to know what’s causing the delay?