Important Woman Health Signals

Unexplained weight loss - HIV, Thyroid disease, celiac disease, heart diseases, diabetes

Blood in stool/black stool - haemorrhoids/ulcer, other GID conditions, inflammatory bowel disease

Constant tiredness - could be lack of sleep or liver problem, anaemia, depression, sleep apnea, thyroid disease

Unusual shortness of breath - with chest pain or discomfit - heart or lungs problem

Abdominal bloating - gluten intolerance, pancreatic insufficiency

Discolored /swollen breasts - cancer/

Vaginal bleeding - Cancer/endometriosis/Uterine fibroid

Chronic stomach pain - constipation, diarrhoea

Trouble speaking, dizziness, loss in vision and severe headache - Stroke

Facial hair/ adult hair - obesity, irregular period, high bp, adult acne.

Please add irregular menstruation, can be sign of PCOS.