Irregular mensuration


house please help mi, my mensuration is not regular. dont know to calculate my ovulation wit irregular mensuration .


My sister, I am going thru the same struggle but what I do is meet my husband a day after each day and check my CM and use OPK. This method can help too. May God smile on us very soon. amen


@annieruby thanks


God is the only one who can cure irregular menstrual cycle, use opt and also download my calendar on your phone from play store


Hello Adeola, pls have u visited a gynae regarding the irregular period to know the cause?? most times, it could be due to PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). The doctor would have to carry out transvaginal ultra sound and run blood test on to know the line of treatment to regulate your period Sis. I am speaking from experience. U would also need to start eating healthy by cutting out sugar and processed foods from your diet. Sugar as in all mineral (coke ati fanta, sprite, malt, 7up and all dem family) just drink only water ni o! I am writing from experience my dear Sis. First of all, pls visit a gynaecologist (a good one) my Sis. God will see us through.


and another thing, i want to add, with Irregular Menstruation, calculating Ovulation is difficult Sis. but with the right treatment and a healthy life style, the body system can corrected, it takes time and patience ni o! i was in the same boat but i am now a walk in progress. That is why it is very important to consult a good gynae ni o! coupled with the back of God, we will conquer Infertility dear. It is well


Hello, I am new on this platform. TTC for 7years now. I have a question I menstruated twice in January and June I don’t seem to understand my cycle as it’s used to be 29 but in June I saw my period twice.

Also in this month it came on the 7th which will last for 3-4 days. Last month was 21 July, now August 7 just 18 days I didn’t ovulate as I used the kit shows me I am not ovulating. Pls I need your advice. Thanks


Am a new member here, I am also experiencing the same, mine started around July my cycle was 28days before but now I dn’t understand it. I menstruate 2 times in a month and each time it’s 7days. Pls help mi out


Sister, welcome on board. Please you might want to do a hormonal profile as well as see your doctor. Your cycle date might have become shorter but don’t think that explains the double AF in a single month. Please keep us updated, my best!