Is bending safe during pregnancy?


hello dear mamas,a friend of mine used to complain about bending during pregnancy,she said its not safe for the baby that it might cause harm to it,i want to ask experienced mothers here if its safe to bend during pregnancy.Thanks mamas


hello dear,i hope this helps all moms and moms to be;
It is safe to bend over during pregnancy and it would not cause any harm to your growing baby. The baby is well-cushioned inside the womb, and the amniotic fluid enables the baby to change his position by moving his hands, legs and feet as you change your position.

Bending Over In The First Trimester Of Pregnancy

The baby is still small and will be not affected by your bending in at all. Your stomach’s lining and the placenta are more than enough to safeguard your baby from any harm, unless medically advised.

Bending Over In The Last Trimester Of Pregnancy

when you bend during the later stages of your pregnancy, there is a chance that you may trip or lose your balance and fall off. Bending may also be discomforting to you when your belly is big.yet bending during the later stages of pregnancy exposes you to risks as listed below:

1.The risk of falling and tripping: Falling on the abdomen during the last stages of pregnancy can be dangerous as it can cause placental abruption exposing you to various complications.
2.The chances of vaginal bleeding or a miscarriage.
3.The risk of feeling dizzy: When you bend over, your blood rushes to your head and this sudden rush can make you feel dizzy and lightheaded.
4.The risk of causing back pain:Many women continually endure back pain when expecting.
5.The risk of heartburn:When you benover, the pressure gets exerted on the stomach, and the acids from the stomach causes Acid reflux.

Correct Ways To Bend During Pregnancy
1.Bend and lower your knees, instead of bending and stretching your back
2.Spread your knees apart and squat when you lift yourself up.
3.If you have to lift something, align it with your baby bump to align the centre of gravity.
4.Make sure your feet are firm
5.Never bend forward with your knees straight and by bending over your stomach

Therefore,bending over is safe during pregnancy, it canot harm your baby. However, in the later stages of pregnancy, it is advisable to exercise some degree of caution so that you do not fall off and hurt yourself. Happy Pregnancy!
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