It was Positive, We Testify and we are Supportive


Dear beautiful sisters, this thread is to keep track of our success stories, support others, give a shoulder to cry on and help to know who to ask if we have certain or specific questions.
Some of us are quite with our testimonies, please let’s loud it and give God the glory as well as hope to another Sister.

Our schedule may be tight as nursing mothers but please, we have to support one another.


Will add others I remember, :pray: please add yourself if I miss it.


Let’s motivate one another with our testimonies, we pray together, weep together, let’s also celebrate together. When I was trying desperately and asking questions for help, I shared here. When God granted my prayers, I shared here to thank for support and pray for others to get theirs, and even when I had the miscarriage, I still shared here to never loose hope. Let’s stand for one another in prayer and celebration. Happy New year my fellow GTC mother’s.


@Tonze, I really appreciate your candid response. The only way we can best support one another is when we share our joys and burdens, that is what makes us sisters. To be honest, no other female can understand what we are going through except the person is in our shoes. So please I’m encouraging us all to be more supportive and our prayer thread will become more active. Please be a part of it and see God answer us.


Hello everyone, I trust our day is going well. I am happy to add @Omomeje to this list, please let’s pray along with her for a smooth pregnancy and use her as a point of contact to others. That before this month ends, we all shall testify in Jesus name. Amen.


Awww @Omomeje congratulations dear, you shall carry safely to term in Jesus name. Amen