It's my 8th wedding anniversary


O @ThefruitfulWife @Serem @Victoria @Jay @Dabby,@ mumZara @aydiva @Sugargal @RedWine @Onyii .All the fruitful mamas in this forum. I have reasons to thank God this day.
It’s my wedding anniversary today. Pretty blessed 8 yrs, it’s has been God all the way. Join me and thank him for his faithfulness, mercies and blessings that has no bound.


Wow! Congrats darling. I Pray for you this Beautiful morning as you clock 8 years in marriage.
The Breakthrough of how did it happen??? The Glory that swallows shame, Drastic Positive Change of condition that brings confusion and controversy, The Acceleration that cannot be stopped, The Prosperity that is beyond human explanation, The joy that brings sorrow to the enemy, The Transformation that produces Congratulation and Celebration. All these shall be Yours by the special grace of God and before this time next year God shall bless your womb and crown your marriage with the fruit of the womb and HE shall make your joy to be full. Love you loads darling and never forget that God answers prayers and HE never fails. :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:


Amen,amen,amen ,amen,amen,amen,amen,amen,amen,amen,amen,amen,amen,amen.
God bless you ma @ThefruitfulWife. Our testimonies is sure.


Congrats dear @pearl,happy wedding aniversary,God shall increase his blessings,love and protection upon you and your family,he will grant you all your heart desires,the good lord will wipe away your tears and grant you pleasant surprises this month IJN. Amen.Greetings to DH too.


Amenn. I pray also for you that this new year shall open doors of fruitfullness, grace, favor, blessings, opportunities and abundance of God’s blessings. The Lord will secure your home and make it very peaceful. God will answer your prayers and wipe away all your tears and make your life beautiful. Congrats @pearl and your DH. :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Wow! Congrats my senior :joy::joy:. As you journey into this new year, the Lord will open door of fruitfulness unto you. As God remembered Hanah ,so shall he remember you and everyone of us amen. Happy wedding anniversary to you and DH


Wooow congrats darling @pearl you are indeed a mother, because you have been nurturing hubby with prayers, and positivity these whole years, God will remember you, he will give you reasons to smile, He will give you a WOOW miracle, I lift my voice with that of my sister to say, thank you Lord for addition onto this family, because we believe it is settled.Am super excited to read this, cos I know alot who started the institution, and couldn’t stand themselves after 2months, God bless your heart sweet, you know he’s gifts are perfect, may he continue to bless you always. It’s 8yrs, 92 more years to come and still counting. Our greetings to hubby. Pls pass our cake this side ooo. Toast to greater years. HWA Sis


Happy marriage anniversary mum, wow 8years in marriage is not a joke, only God brought u ds far. Just as God answered Sarah’s and myself so He will answer u sooner than u expect in Jesus name


Congrats dear. May God continue to bless your home and Grant you your heart desires


Congratulations ma, happy wedding Anniversary, may God continually bless ur home and give u every reason to celebrate always Amen


Amen,thank you ma and God bless you


Amen, thank you sweetie and God bless you


My dear,amen. Thanks love and God bless you


Amen,thanks dearie and God bless you


Amen dear,love you.


Amen dear,God bless you


Amen dear, thanks and much love.




Happy Wedding Annivasary Momma @Pearl. May the good Lord strengthen the Love and friendship between you and your DH. Wishing you both Manymore joyful years ahead. May the spring of testimonies rain on your family, Amen! Cheers Sis!!


Amen dear, much love to you sweetie.