It's my 8th wedding anniversary


Am most blessed to be in this family, here is more than a group or forum, but a family of loveliest mamas. God bless you all.


@pearl, been a long time. How are you?


sweetie good day, issues here and there but God dey shaa. I believe he knows about them. Trusting him all through. Hope you are good? Thanks for checking on me sweetheart. God bless you


Yes darling I am, God is in charge, knows it all and will come through for us all IJN. Amen


Hello dear, I changed my phone and have been trying to link up to the group again but it’s not linking. I have supplied the details that I can remember I used. What do I do next?


Good morning dear. Aww so sorry to hear that. I will send you a PM on what to do.


Chai!, I missed this sweet family. Visited my hubby abroad. Sisters I covet your prayers oo. God should show me mercy and favor to conceive. Baby dust to us all.


Awww, welcome back sis. We missed you too God answers us all speedily IJN