IVF - 13 Things you need to know


Explained and unexplained Infertility can be very depressing and hard to bare, most couples tend to find ways to resolve this. The thought that there is a procedure that can actually bring the hope of carrying one’s baby to reality is to strong to ignore.

IVF is the last medical chance of treatment for infertility, it is not just expensive but most invasive and emotionally draining. It’s good to take time to consider if it is worth it and if you are able to go through the process knowing the success rate is less or equal to 50%.

Here are things you need to know before about IVF

  1. It is expensive
  2. It is stressful
  3. It is very invasive
  4. It is time consuming
  5. Chances of multiple birth is high
  6. Chances of success is dependent on your fertility issue
  7. Are you ready emotionally and physically?
  8. It may take more than one cycle to be successful
  9. It may cause a strain in your relationship
  10. You are prone to have mood swings, depression and uncomfortable side effects
  11. You can choose your baby’s gender
  12. Success rates can be misleading
  13. It is the most effective way for infertile couples

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