IVF Advice


Hello fruitful mothers. I have been trying to conceive for almost 3 years with an history of PCOS,got pregnant june lastyear but lost it before 12weeks. I have not seen my period for over 6months and despite all drugs used,it still haven’t shown and i am not pregnant. I am considering starting my IVF journey by january as St Ives wil be running a 50% discount promo. I need sincere advice on how to go about this journey to have a BFP with my twins or triplets as i don’t mind pls. I live and work in ibadan and will have to travel down to lagos for this purpose. I need advice on this pls as i know little or nothing about IVF.
Will appreciate all advice on the pls and if there are better fertility clinics than St Ives and the likely cost of IVF procedure.
Baby dust to us all❤️


Good day Sis, you have to get to the hospital and run some test with your husband first before you start the procedure. Based on your results you will be advised on a suitable IVF protocol. Good luck with it.


Thanks so much sis


I’ll advise you use some supplements that helps to improve fertility like ovaboost ,fertilaid for women and myo inositol I have read from ivf thread on nairaland that keeping d feet warm by wearing sucks helps a lot u don’t stand nor cough on d day of transfer and also pray.you shall sltestify soonest IJN