IVF failure

I have been trying to conceive for three years now, at first it was the male infertility factor, we tried all medications and herbs all to no avail, we had to resolve into IUI, it was in the cause I was diagnosed with PCOS, I was placed on metformin and also had to cut off carbs, we did IUI but it failed, I felt my life was over, we later tried IVF and our first cycle failed as well, going for the second cycle with our frozen embroyo very soon, please I need prayers and encouragement because I’m so tired already

I know how you feel cos I have been there. In my case, DH was fine while I had PCOS and a blocked Fallopian tube. Went through IUI in August 2018 and it failed. Did IVF in January 2019 which failed. Thankfully I had embryos frozen so I went through 2 FETs in June and August which failed as well. Then I decided on the 3rd as my doctor offered me for free as part of his birthday celebration. That was to be my last for a long time and it worked! Now I am 18 weeks pregnant with a little bun. Just keep at it. You will smile soon.

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This really lifted my spirit, you will surely carry the baby to term… Thanks for this

Amen dear. Keep me posted. Make sure you take your drugs religiously after the FET.

Please what can one use for the pcos

It depends, in my case I was given metformin to manage it and as well be in a very good diet, cut off carbs and sugars. Speak to your doctor about it. It is well

Alright, thanks alot