Let's check up on other sisters we have not heard from


Hello Mamas, How are you doing, been a long whileeeeeee. We miss you! @Ijeomachukwu @Poshmum @agno0202 @Alexkachi @sammie @pearl @Star @Serem @Uma1715 @Banke @Chinwe_Flourish_Onuo @aydiva @Igetbelle @AySugar @MamaDee @Mariam_Motunrayo_Ish


Hello fruitful mothers


How was ur day?


Mamas I hope u are all doing fine, we miss u @aydiva @Adetutu @Mamajoe @Mzjay @FruitfulTemitope @Bgmo @emi @mumsly @Sweet07




Hi love@ThefruitfulWife, am busying around. Thanks love for this caring search.love you dearie.


@pearl Great to know, I hope u’ll be joining our Xmas hangout dear?


Tanx mama’s for checking on us. Body just dey do me as e like, but so far, God has been so faithful


Great to know u are good sis, I hope u joining us for the Xmas hangout?


Sweetie, am not in Lagos ooo. But I will be with you in the spirit.


It is well sis. :hugs::hugs::hugs:


Thanks dear.


I really love to but I stay in Minna, Niger state and I suppose the hanging out will be in lag


We having it in both Lagos and Abuja


Mama’s in the house thanks for checking on us, we really appreciate your kindness. The Lord will be with us all.




Hello @ThefruitfulWife @LadyS,Happy new month,am very good,thanks for checking up on me i really missed you too and all fruitful mums here,i pray God will grant us our heart desires before this year runs out,he can still do it 2017 will not pass us by Amen.


We have missed @ChaCha @Alexkachi we trust you doing great


Thanks for checking up on us… Really appreciate it especially now that most people are just on their own trying different things on a low-key and one just feel left behind with same situation of things… Can be so frustrating but thank God almighty for preserving our life cos when there’s life, there hope and I know he’ll answer our prayers and give us our heart desire with extra gift added… It’s just not easy to be patient… Lemme share this here cos of it close knit as supportive sisters.
My family friend that we’ve been trying to conceive together got preggy last 2months after like 2 and half years of marriage. Am so happy for her but I sometimes feel so bad about my situation like am the only left around me That God has not answered. So generally I don’t feel like going out, seeing or meeting people especially friends and family… My friend now feels am avoiding her even though I and hubby went to visit her to celebrate with her… Dunno what to do, I just want to be left alone. Offcourse she won’t understand, hubby just don’t understand, no one seem to understand. . I trust in my God and I keep praying for patience but what about this my mood…


Dear, it’s normal to feel that way and trust me you are not the only one. When two of my close friends who were waiting like me took in, I felt I was all alone and drowning in infertility. But I had to see other beautiful things in my life and around me that God has done. I also started to enjoy life and my hubby and leave it completely to God. Enough of my human efforts thinking that is what will make it happen . See I prayed and even went to the mountains but I never lost my faith or trust in God to make me a mother. Just when I thought I would give IVF a chance and least time I met with hubby, God showed himself as the Almighty.

I’ve shared my testimony here and can tell you four other sisters here are pregnant too. Your hubby may not know how u feel around pregnant or new mothers because we are wired differently.

To help with your mood, I will say you should see it this way:

  1. No woman will have your baby with theirs, we all will have our own babies.
  2. Tell and believe in yourself that you are not barren
  3. God never lies
  4. You will surely have your own children
  5. Be happy always and don’t let the devil control your thoughts
  6. When there’s life there hope for you and God loves you too much to fail you.
    God will give you the grace to be patient till the appointed time for your beautiful gift.
    I hope this lifts your spirit and sm1 else