Low libido

Hello please am new here,
please what can I do to boost my sex drive,am newly married but trying to convince since but we rarely have sex because of my low libido.

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You’re welcome dear
Try tigernut drink ,it helps to boost libido

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Me sef I need to know too. That tigernut drink has refused to work for me

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What is libido

Welcome @olasunbo, happy married life sis and I pray for God to visit you very soon with the fruit of the womb. amen. Personally, eating dates and chocolate has always helped, I also spice up the day by sending some naughty messages to my hubby to get in the mood, I dress sexily and tell him we need plenty foreplay - kissing, romance, cuddling, smooching and I take my mind off other things. Infact, my brain is just on autopilot fantasizing about the things we will do.

See this link on other foods that help to boost your libido: Food that Boosts Libido

It is sex desire, being in the mood to make love/sex with your partner. :stuck_out_tongue:

That feeling of you wanting to do totori with Oga at the top

Welcome @Olasunbo, your waiting period shall be very short IJN. At times I watch sex movies and touch myself so I can get in the mood, I will just tell my husband we shld watch blue film and I start touchin and moaning and na so we go start the journey.

Sexual drive/urge