Mastisis, causes and cure


Mastitis is an inflammation in your breast tissues. The inflammation may quickly become an infection, which means that bacteria grow in the inflamed tissues.

Mastitis is painful inflammation of your breast tissue. It’s most common during the first month of breastfeeding, but can develop any time including after you wean your child. The inflamed area may be red, swollen, unusually warm, painful, or hard to the touch. Symptoms can come on gradually or suddenly, and the condition usually affects only one breast at a time.

Mastitis may or may not be caused by an infection. Notable signs of an infection include chills, a fever of 101 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, and fatigue.

Plugged milk ducts, or milk that remains in the breast after a feeding (milk stasis). It can lead to infection which causes cracked or damaged nipples.

First see your doctor immediately
Use of antibiotics
Pumping or continuous nursing of baby from the affected breast
Cold compress
Gentle massage of the breast
Placing cold cabbage leaf on the breast has helped others

Mastisis can be prevented by:
Don’t wear tight bras
Don’t let your breast become overly fully
Nurse regularly

What other ways have you tried to cure mastisis, please share your thoughts.



Nice one and very helpful. I recently just stopped breastfeeding my baby after one year of exclusive breastfeeding. When my boobs gets so heavy, I put a pack of ice to relive the pain and pain killers was my bf :joy:


Thanks so much for this information,i heared it’s not good to take drugs when trying to wean your baby it might cause delay in production of milk when you have another baby,so it’s better to do the natural thing,tho I heard its painful.