Menses after a miscarriage

Hello everyone, I’m new here!
Well, I suffered a missed miscarriage of about 6weeks, 3 days on December 12 last year & my womb was evacuated on the 17th of December… Prior to my pregnancy, I have a menstural cycle of 34 days. It’s day 37 ever since d “M” I am yet to menstrate or feel any symptoms. My doctor says, my system needs time to reboot…pls, how long does it take for my menstral calendar to resume? Tnx!

Good morning and welcome here @Vicky_Clancy, so sorry for the MC :frowning:, your rainbow babies will come very soon. Amen
I will say 3 months so the place can get healed well.

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Amen. But I was told the same thing when I had misscarriage in 2017 , I am still on it till today @Vicky_Clancy I will advice you don’t take chances from my own experience, you need to start doing all you can to get it back.

2020 will not pass us by again in Jesus name

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I lost my baby at 20weeks due to incompetent cervix in August 2019 … I’ve not seen my period since then I’ve done scan 2times and lots of test but nothing is wrong, so my doctor advised me to just wait for it to come on it’s own… everybody is different yours might come sooner

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I lost my baby st 20 weeks too on December 15th 2019…my period came heavily 4weeks after…its so heavy that I got scared I thought I was bleeding…till i was told it might be normal…to wait and watch 4 some symptoms