Minimum cost of IVF


Please can any1 share a minimum cost for IVF and the success rates? Thank you.


I understand it’s from 1.5 M upwards per cycle. Baby dust to you dearie


few hospitals i contacted put the cost at a range of 900-1M excluding the drugs and other few things. Roughly from 1.3M upwards also depending on ur age too.


I just concluded my ivf😇 now on the terrible 2ww. We were billed 1m. And that’s all we paid.


Does this cover tests and drugs? The clinic we are considering charged us separate for drugs and preliminary tests (infection, blood type, group, scans, SFA etc)


Yes dear. We were charged 1m only. Everything necessary conclusive on that 1m. No hidden or extra charges.


That’s cool then.


1 m and above , oluwa Sebi you have been doing it for others simple, free and stressful? Why then do we have to spend such amount in order to accomplish the purpose you created us? Father you have to do it for us all just the way you did it for Sarah, Hannah, Rachel and others in the Bible, there was nothing like ivf in the Bible, is time for you to wipe away our secret tears and give us a testimony.


Amen ijn, God will give us free of charge my dear sister,God is never late. Our case is different,we shall testify




AMEN ooo


Baba God must pick up our calls IJN


Amiiinnnn oooo