Miscarriage and seized period


I got pregnant in June and September i had a miscarriage but up till now no menses and no pregnancy. Help.


So sorry to read this dear, you may experience delay in period for like 3 months after a miscarriage. But please after this month see your doctor if nothing shows. God will replace your loss IJN, amen.


Hi i got pregnant in october and the baby was removed due to stupidity. I now had serious malaria in january went for test and found out i was pregnant, took act’s and i travelled qlmost immediately to work. Then i miscarried it ,had heavy bleeding with large clot of blood and the next month i tested positive and negative like 2 weeks later. I have taken that banana recipe and i pray it works. Please you all should pray for me so i can have a january baby by taking in this month. God bless you all


U av really gone thru alot. I am praying for u here sis and God will perfect everything sooner than you expected. Amen


@Princess08 sis, any improvement yet? Please let us know. You can try that Maca powder and moringa seed tea. Please will love to know the update.