I have miscarriage twice this year, one in May and another this October. What could be d problem and what can do to avoid it

Aww @Bollybabe so sorry for this. At times it may be due to a number of reasons from Uterine abnormality, cervical competence, diabetes, PCOS, hormonal issue, chromosomal abnormalities, antibodies (eg Lupus) or even thyroid issues. I will advise you ask your gynae to conduct an assessment into the recurrent causes. Has your gynae said anything at all?

@Bollybabe your rainbow babies are coming to bless your home very soon. It is well, I had something similar years back and that’s when I discovered I had PCOS. What did your doctor say?

He said the baby was not properly form

Oh so sorry about that, it might be due to chromosomal abnormalities, try and increase your calcium and folic acid intake now in preparation for a new conception. allow your body to get ready and be optimistic you will carry to term a perfectly formed baby.

@Bollybabe It’s ok to be in this kind of pain and everybody grieves differently. I want to believe your doctor has treated already with the medication he gave you. I will encourage you to start taking folic acid daily and do a follow up with your doctor as well. Try not to think too much about it, I know it’s easier said than done but know that you will carry a healthy baby to term soon. Also, take fruits and stay healthy, it helps the body to get ready with enough supplements.