My eggs does not break


Good day all, please I noticed that my egg does not break. It keeps getting bigger and bigger after each scan I go to. Have been going for scan to know the best time to meet hubby and still no show till now. What could be the cause and any remedy please? Please o help me out. I need answers


For how long dear?


My cycle is 25days, and my LMP was on the 1st of December, started monitoring on the 10th day which was Sunday and nothing yet till now. Have done strip on Mon, they said 1.5 and today 2.5 and am supposed to go back on sat for another vaginal scan. Am beginning to fear cos similar thing happened to me before and it later developed to cyst which I removed through surgery around April this year. I really need advise on how best to handle this so I can take in.


The first thing is for you to put fear beneath you, don’t let it affect your thoughts. Secondly, eggs not breaking might be due to hormonal issues and sometimes, cycle fluctuates and you realize your predicted ovulation day is not what it is.
Have you done any hormonal profile ?


the number of times I did the hormonal assay, it was OK. My next scan is scheduled for Saturday, so am hoping for a different better story then. Thanks so much for replying my dear.


You welcome, please let’s be hopeful dear :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:


Never you allow the devil to rob you of your testimony with the spirit of fear, you need to take fear off your mind and be positive always. Never compare your last result with your present results cos God is not dead. Momies in the house has said it all, keep your faith alive always, be positive, God is with you. Never you give up, remove anxiety from your mind.


I will dear. Thanks so much


There is an injection to drop the egg and you will have to met with your hubby 36hrs after the injection. I think the name is HGC or so. Talk to your doc about it.


Hello ask you doctor for pregnyl… It works