My IUI Procedure

It was a beautiful morning and DH and I were really looking forward to the IUI procedure. I happened to be using a very good hospital and the doctor is very kind, assuring and listen to me. He is always ready to answer my questions any time of the day, so we agreed oh yes! we are in d right place.

I started with my injections on day 2, had that for everyday for 4 days with 2 different drugs. I was responding well to the injections and medications and my doctor was monitoring the whole process with follicular scanning. Surprisingly, my follicles were growing well with 5 each on both ovaries and at day 11, most of my follicles were measuring up to 20-22.

My doctor gave me the trigger injection the previous day so the insemination can be done the next day (Day 11). All appears to be good and working as planned, so before the insemination my doctor realized the eggs have not been released. Mind you, this was 24hours after the HCG trigger shot. He went on with the insemination (Intra Fallopian Insemination- IFI) anyways and asked us to return the next day for IUI. By this time which is day 12, some eggs have been released and this should be like a back-up for the IFI.

After the procedure on Day 13, I had another scanning to check if all the eggs have been released and it was discovered only 2 was left measuring 28 on my right ovaries. Well he advised we should meet to increase our chances of conception which we did.

Then the count down begins and trust me, I was feeling all kinds of feelings and I could almost say I felt as the eggs were leaving my fallopian tube to implant on my uterus - I have read and watched the process of fertilization and implantation so I pretty much have an idea of what stage the process was.

We were so excited and already have a fair idea of when my delivery date will fall and plans are being set in motion in faith that I will have a BFP. But just when it was exactly day 11 after the procedure, I was just at work and after cleaning myself, I noticed a slight spotting. Morale was so down I almost interest for everything. A quick msg to my doctor confirms my worst fear that it’s not a good sign. He advised I rest and watch if the spotting continues. YES, it did and by the end of Day 12, I was bleeding fully.

It was not a good day for us, hubby and i had strong hope that the IUI and IFI will be successful. But God has a better plan. After this, I tried to understand what could have happened despite all the good signs we’ve been seeing. I was made to understand that it could be that some eggs are to had to penetrate by the sperm or the follicles may not contain any egg at all- how possible is this???. The long and short of it was that the procedure failed due to some molecular process that can’t be seen with the eyes. Maybe at d point of fertilization or implantation.

Although, during my research on IUI, I found out that only few people get pregnant during the first cycle. Some usually at the 2nd or 3rd cycle. Personally, I don’t want to go through the process again. It will interest you to know my doctor advised we do IVF bcos whatever happened that prevented conception in the first IFI and IUI can be averted in IVF. That

We are confident that God has a better plan for us and this month is our month of miracle. I will share my testimony with you sisters and expectant mothers very soon.
I decided to share this to cheer somebody up nd to let you know that God is never too Late. He never Fails and He will grant us all our miracle babies.

Please let’s share our stories, testimonies and lift each other up so we all can learn from one another.
Baby dust to us all.

Thank you very much for sharing your testimony.

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