My IVF journey


It’s been two and a half years since we’ve been trying to conceive and my period (AF) never misses a chance to let me know she is punctual and consistent. Hubby, our parents, friends and relatives are now asking questions and casting glances our way in a not so subtle way to know exactly what is going on and what steps we have taken.

So I’ve gone through the following in my quest to conceive and nothing has worked so far:
Clomid + Parlodel - 3 cycles (Bcos my prolactin level was high)
HSG - where it was discovered one of the tubes is blocked.
Flushing - to clear the tube
IUI - to enhance fertilization
IFI - to enhance fertilization
The last two most recent tests were the IUI and IFI and none was successful. I must say it was really disappointing and traumatizing because I really had my hopes very high. To add to this, my gynae recommended IVF because one of the tubes is blocked, but I wasn’t so agreeable with this and that was in May.

So after all these, hubby and I decided to look at IVF as our third year anniversary is actually closer than we think. In my journey to get an affordable, and credible IVF programme that can guarantee a successful pregnancy, I decided to research on four different popular IVF centres: St Ives (mostly because they are currently offering a 50% discount), The Georges, The Bridges and Nordica.

So here it is:
St Ives
My first contact was St Ives and majorly to know what their discount look like and their success rate. But honestly I was a bit disappointed, out of three numbers listed on the ad, only the last one went through and the person on the line was was sounding tired and reluctant. She was able to respond to my basic enquiry but other than that not even friendly enough to ask me to come for a consultation. The discounted cost was close to a million and not inclusive of cost of the procedure itself.

The Georges
My hubby and I decided on this based on survey and few testimonials from others from different forums and my first contact was friendly, sounded like a medical personnel or better still knows the right questions and responses to give. Not to pushy to invite me for consultation and was very helpful I must say. At different times, I’ve called and spoken to three different people who answered my questions and advised I come for consultation and mentioned the cost for this as well as for the procedure itself depending on your age.

The Bridge Clinic
The customer support person was just typing away after I insisted I only want to know the fees for their IVF and I feel she was kinda insensitive in asking some questions (my thought) and very mechanical in her responses after I insisted I can’t decide if I’ll be using them or not. Apparently, there is a template she was just copying and pasting from and on and on se continued and I was almost typing… Hey! are you a robot??. Well, they seem to know what they are doing but a more human touch will be good for the customer support.

The customer support person was able to answer some of my questions but was insistent I come in for a free consultation. Not that I don’t want a free medical consultation but also, I want to know if I can afford your fees as well as the success rate. I really don’t want to waste mine or their time making unnecessary appointments if you can’t meet my needs. So the convo was going well until I realized they are hidden costs not well spelt out. I believe couples looking to consider IVF wants to know an estimate of what it will cost to help them make informed decisions. By the way, she took my details and did a follow up to confirm if she can still schedule me for the free consultation. But I think I may have lost the interest in using them. I may be wrong, but this is just my own opinion.

Please mamas in the house, most of these clinics have hidden costs which will not be mentioned but it’s always good to ask questions and know what you are really going into. As well as research on their success rates, what stage of fertilization do they reach before transferring the embryo and follow up rate. It helps to make the decision.
I will keep you updated on this journey.
Please I encourage you to share you thoughts and encounter so other mamas can learn from it. We are here to help and support one another every way we can.

Baby dust to us all. :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


@anonymous1 what of regenesis, did you contact them or any helpful info about them?


Hi, am new here…still trying to figure out the site. Regarding the ivf, Nordica was my first option, went to their branch in surulere but the same non disclosure of fee discouraged me, i was asked to book and come for a consultation first. I later did the ivf in may 2015 and it was at st Ives also during their 50% promo. Asides the procedure fee itself, we had to pay for the drugs and injections separately. Everything went smoothly, but unfortunately it was a negative at the end of the 2wks wait time, reason unknown, the doctor couldn’t say what could have gone wrong also. Fast forward to now I just did HSG last week, yet to know the result but I want to try IUI this time around, I really am hopeful.


@HerCrown, glad to have you here. Really sad about the negative result after the 2 weeks wait. Most of them will rather not tell you the total cost for the procedure, and follow up to find out the cause of the negative report and infertility is not their primary concern…really sad. For IUI, I’ve had my share and I must say, even when it is unexplained fertility, the chance of it being successful is usually after 2/3 IUIs cycles. I don’t know what your underlying factors are but please be sure the clinic is known for it’s success rate.
Here is an IUI article for your information. Please keep us updated on the process and I pray for a successful one for you on your decision.


Also watch out for tests conducted during your consultation, these clinics are never helpful and straight forward :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


How are we today mamas? I choose to be happy and hopeful, I can not come and die or depressed cos of ttc :star_struck:. So me and hubby finally went to G. finally and we met the gynae - MD and asked series of questions, did scan and wrote out some tests for us to conduct. We went for d blood tests and awaiting the results. Among d tests to be conducted is Hysteroscopy. Waiting for the blood tests b4 we continue on d hysteroscopy.

I’m optimistic all is going to work out. and DH and I have been saving for this. It’s all going to go down next month by my calculation. Pls pray for me mommas, I need it like never b4 :pray: Plenty baby dust our way.


Aww, it is well hun @anonymous1. God will bless your efforts and make everything successful in Jesus name. Keep the fire burning and never lose hope. Twins and triplets dust fall on you :joy::joy:


Dear. This center’s u mentioned really have hidden charges. I have been ttc for 3years now, pcos and male factor infertility.i am 28 and DH 35, I and DH agreed on ivf(our first ever attempt of assisted conception) after a month of research
I went ahead with the process,
34 follicles where retrived :sweat:
I don’t know how many was fertilized but more than 8 got to blastocyst stage and 5 blastocyst :sunglasses:was transferred on the 5th of September 2017.
On the 15th of sep 2017 I got clear blue hpt positive pregnancy.
My beta hcg is on Tuesday I just hope my hcg will be high enough to progress to pregnancy.

I wish all of us here believing God for babies will get there own bfp in the awesome name of Jesus Christ AMEN.


Our prayers are with you dear, @anonymous1, by his grace you will get ur bfp. Glad you’re embracing it with a positive mind set, it will definitely happen this circle.


Congrats @Chi on ur bundles of joy… I believe you will not only progress to pregnancy but carry on to full term. Our prayers are with you while you carry on the process. Positivity all d way darling


Congrats darl, Tuesday shall be full of shouts of hallelujah and we all shall rejoice with you and you shall carry to term in Jesus name. Praying along with u babes :pray:


Congratulations @chi. Waoh! 34 follicles! My IVF jouney was TOUGH. To even get 2matured follicles was a miracle. I will share my story with the house later


@chi if you can afford it, ask the hospital to freeze the remaining embryo.


My dear, I never thought of that until like 1week ago. And it was too late by than…:blush: but I am having faith that from the 5 transferred some has implanted .


Thanks Jay. And u too we all shall celebrate…


Thanks dear. We all shall celebrate with our own babies Amennnn.


@chi they will implant in Jesus name Amen.


As in 34! I’m still in awe! @Chi you must have been so bloated like a fat turkey ( pun intended :joy:slight_smile:
@fruitfulvine the best is coming your way, the tough season will be replaced with beautiful memories of God’s faithfulness. Really can’t wait to read about your journey.


Guess what???:joy::joy::joy::joy::dancer::dancer::grin::grin::dancer::dancer:


Woowwwwwww! It’s a BFP :dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer: