My IVF journey


Yessss ooooooooo


Hallelujahhhhh. Come and join us sing Hallelujah, Jehovah Rapha has done us well. Mummas oo, come and see what God has done for one of us. It is a BFP for mama @Chi

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I am next in line in the name of Jesus.


my blood test came out positive. All Glory is going to my ever loving God, ivf procedure is not easy he was present at all stage and perfected it for me. A big thanks to all the wonderful ladies here for ur support and prayers. We all will all celebrate ijn Amen ooooooo. Will post my ivf journey soon.


Aww congrats dear.


Congrats Dear. So happy for u.


OMG!!! I am screaming for joy!!! Congratulations Darling @Chi. Lord, we return all the glory to you!!!


Congratulations! Congratulations!! Congratulations!!!


Thank you Jesus. Big congratulations @Chi, you shall carry to term in Jesus name. Really happy to hear this .


Congratulations​:dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer: to you. God will see you through the journey amen.


Wooow there’s power in the tongue, we all prayed God did it… Yeeepeeeeee congrats @chi he’s God all by himself, what he says he will do he will do. Super excited cos we all will get ours too


Wooooow,thank God this is a great news, am so happy and please reduce all stress from now on, welcome to preggy hood, I claim this for all mamma’s too,we shall testify ijn


Congratulations to you and DH @Chi…ThankYou Lord Jesus for your miracle in our Sis’s life. May God fill you with Divine strength to carry to full term smoothly. I tap into your blessing Momma. Enjoy your miracle. Cheers!


congrats you will sure end in praises we all praying with you


Congrats dear. This God is too good oh… I will testify soon. Amen


Do you know anyone who is going through the roller coaster of infertility and desires to undergo IVF treatment. Fertigold Fertility Clinic is offering discounted treatment for clients in the month of Oct at the rate of N650k own egg cycle (covers medication and treatment) and N1million for donor cycle (covers donor, medication and treatment). The clients will pay for their tests. Registration is ongoing and closes by the end of Oct after which the cost is reverted to N1million and N1.5million respectively.

Someone you know might benefit from this opportunity.

They can contact me on 09069462977 for any questions or concerns.

Kindly rebroadcast

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@Star Thank you very much for the info, do you know anyone who has cycled with them with results to show? Do you know the type of tests the couple will be assessed on? Thanks mama :kissing_heart:

Mamas oya ooo comman see promo oo


Not really, the women leader in my church who is also a fertility nurse sent it to our women whatsapp group. So I decided to let us know.


Thanks mama, I hope other mommas will reach out too. Thank you :hugs:


Wowww great news sis… big congratulations … God will keep you and the baby in jesus name… Amen


Congrats @chi