My IVF journey


congratulations waiting for the day I will be congratulated like u.


God will perfect it for you and all of us IJN


Amen thanks so much


Congratulations dear, I just started my injectables on Tue for my ivf. Its my first I n pray the only I need. Do u be any tips, or did u do anything on ur own? Pls share with me


I lost a pregnancy in 2016 at the 3rd month, no heartbeat. An ectopic in 2017 September, lost a tube. Remains tube looks unhealthy but not written off. Started my ivf journey on Tue with injectables,we earlier did ovukatiin induction by same doc b got preg but was an ectopic. So am hopeful about my doc since he knows our history. Says my chances are good since womb, sperm and eggs are in good shape. Anyone with ideas, I truely need support. Thanks


Dear @Mulan, I really salute your courage and honestly I thank God we don’t look like what we’e been through.
I was meant to start my stimulations last month but gynae asked us to pause because of the results from one of my tests, I sense hope and pray for the best. Egg reserve not looking as expected, sperm great and a bit of tubal factor. In all, I am positive for the best. All I can say is that don’t relent on praying and make your veggies your best friend. We shall conquer with our bundles of joy in Jesus name. Amen


Thanks thefruitfulwife, just had my egg extraction yesterday. 18 eggs was extracted, doc said almost all where healthy. So by his grace, implantation may be on either from day 2 to 5. Am hopeful. Doc told us he’s gonna implant 4, hubby says 3. Doc says in some situations some drops, I wanna stick to 4 embryo, what do u think?


Wow! This is amazing and great to know that much eggs could be harvested. I will stick to 4 just in case some don’t survive. At the same time please don’t forget the place of prayers. Only God can do His work perfectly, you are in my prayers dearest.
Apologies for my late response, been down for few days but better now.
Please keep us updated and success all through in Jesus name. Amen


Hope u are much better now, yeah prayer is the key. Implantation has been done, so far so good all is well n will be well by his grace. 3 persons were implanted same day, my doc said one of them is over reacting, don’t know what that means. But am good and fine, even took 2 weeks leave off work. For one in my life am so relaxed, God’s got me


Aww, this is good news darling. I am yet to do but I know some clinics will not transfer more than 3 embryo. But u and le hubs shld also consider the risk of having multiples if you are open to that. All my best dear.


Wow… Great news. God is ever faithful. We give him praise for this awesome testimony @Chi. You will carry to full term by His grace n wish u safe delivery. I’m new here but joined a while ago. Just reading through chats for the first. I like the support n encouragement. Been TTC going to 8yrs. DH n I are considering d option of IVF now though it took him almost 7yrs to agree. I key into your testimony for us all TTC. Ours shall be successful too in Jesus mighty name.


Amen and welcome on board. I can’t imagine what it took you to convince him. But God will not allow your efforts to be in vain in Jesus name.


Amen!!! It’s just God o. A sister he has on high regard for spoke to him.


God is great!


I have come to testify to Gods goodness. My IVF was successful, infact 5 of us were implanted in 2 days. I , 4 embryo’s n the others 5 including a 42 year old lady. We all tested positive to God be the glory. In fact the 42 years old lady is the only one who got pregnant with twins, rest of us single. Thanks for all the support, God will definitely continue the good works in my life. Can’t thank him enough, because this was my first trial, I told God once is enough. Just keep praying for me


Great news sister, God will perfect his work and you shall all testify of his goodness. IJN. Please take things easy dear and don’t stop praying. God is in charge, amen :hugs::hugs:


Good day mummys in d house, pls who has use furocyst before n how effective is it? Tanks in anticipation


Please let’s help a sister here