My name is Blessing TTC

I am new here, and I’m TTC. My last period was 5tg September, 2019 and I did pregnancy test and it was showing positive for the number of times I did it and I was also feeling all the pregnancy symptoms each month with difference pregnancy symptoms and I went for scan ending of January, 2020, first scan they could not fine the baby and the doctor advice me to go and do another scan in other lab, which I did scan thrice and they could not fine the baby in the scan they where doing. The scan read no fluid sighted in the pouch of Douglas (pod). Hydatidiform mole, advised D and C (Evacuation) and I did the evaluation this February, 2020. Please what’s should I do? I want to get pregnant befor the end of this year by the grace of God, because really I don’t want this same thing to repeat itself again. I need your help, solution and advise. Thank you