My name is Rachel

I am new here my name is Rachel ,… mommies please I need for help have been fighting with PID since 2016 till date please I want to conceive my finance is complaining he said without me getting pregnant we won’t get married I really need help

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Welcome beautiful sister Rachel @Ayomi_Abayomi . Please is it your doctor that says it’s PID? Maybe it’s a wrong diagnosis, what are the symptoms you have? Secondly don’t let any man make getting pregnant a condition for you before marriage. It’s not a good foundation for marriage. This is just my 2 pence.

Thanks u ma’am yes is my genecologist that told me it PID that nothing is wrong with my womb and have buy a lot of drugs but it not going although it inches je before but now it not inches me again

What is bothering me most is my menstration, ovulation, pregnancy

Welcome momma @Ayomi_Abayomi, you will carry your own babies by the grace of a God. What is the challenge with your menstruation and ovulation? Is it consistent?

My menstration is regular but I use to do it 3days it will come the first day the second day it will not come but the third day blood will come out from my private part till the forth day and for the ovulation I guess I don’t ovulate also

Welcome @Ayomi_Abayomi, please oo did you do test and scan to show you are not ovulating? Buy ovulation kit to confirm, so you will know when you are ovulating.

Ok please how much is the ovulation kit

Around 1k to 1300, you can check any pharmacy for it. It looks like the pregnancy test strip.

Ok mum

Please have get the ovulation kit bit how will I use it

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You will dip it in urine on the days you think you might be ovulating. Just follow the instructions on the kit, it’s very easy to use just like pregnancy stick.

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My name is bola am new here

Welcome @Bolanle feel free to read and share with us. Baby dust

Am new here pls can someone put me through pls I want to talk to someone pls

Welcome @Toniaoby, you are welcome to our community of women trying to conceive. we are here to support one another, teach and share our experiences. We occassionally have a
gynae and clinical nutritionist join us on the forum to discuss infertility and answer some of our questions. Feel free to share with us, we are here for one another.