My Pregnancy and Labour experience


My Pregnancy journey is one I always look back and thank God for bcos my first trimester was very smooth with no morning sickness at all. At first I never knew I was pregnant because I was seeing my period, the only noticeable thing is my love for sleep and metallic taste in my mouth. At this point, I was past 3 months, had slight malaria and the doctor recommend a blood test and a scan and we discovered I was 13weeks gone. My pregnancy journey was full of ups and downs, sometimes am active, other days am always down or sleepy while sometimes I would purposely pretend I couldn’t do anything so that DH can help me in cooking and house chores. 2nd trimester came and went with it’s drama and on till my last semester. On this fateful day, I was at home doing some house chores because we were told to exercise our body very well when we approach our due date and then suddenly I felt something dropped in my tummy and immediately i started feeling contractions, no water or blood. Then 2 hrs later, there was strong contractions every 5minutes,i just called DH to help me with my delivery pack and we got set for the hospital,by this time it was around 7;30pm,i sat in the car and my legs were placed on the dash board with wrapper on my body…Mamas the pain was so much that i could not wear any cloth.when we got to the hospital i managed to wear an agbada gown and ran inside the labor ward and was placed on the bed,immediately i was given some injections while they keep checking how far i dilated,few hours passed and still was in serious pains,later i was checked and discovered i had fully dilated,immediately i was rushed to the delivery room and was asked to push several times,they had to cut me before the baby finally came out,also the placenta i was so happy to see my bundle of joy and all the earlier pains had vanished.
I know very soon, every1 desiring this gift will testify and share their beautiful story.Amen


@aydiva i have heard this before but this is the first time i am hearing from someone who experienced it. So you saw your period even while pregnant, how possible is that? Please enlighten me…


The doctors said it might be implantation bleeding,that it occurs In rare cases but the flow was not as much like my normal menstruation,i never bothered myself because sometimes I do have light flow menstruation even while i was not pregnant.


Wooow thank God for a successful one, and welcome princess. But d pain vanished after u felt her baah, I can’t wait ooo dancing already. Congrats sweetie, she will be a continuous joy n blessing to ur house hold n the world.


amen.thanks dear,yours is on the way was your day


Wawwuu! This is really enlightening :ok_woman:. Congrats hun, we shall share our own story too very soon.
over 3 months, ur princess na baddo :+1:t4::+1:t4:


Awwww, so short and straight. God bless the little princess. We are the team #hebrewwomengang


Awesome!!!Thank God for the journey. God will make us experience supernatural conception and childbirth in Jesus name, amen


Thanks dear,lol Abi now, badoo indeed,very soon you will share your triplet born story ijn.Amen


Amen Sis, you shall testify soon ijn


Yes oh,thanks Sis,#teamhebrewwomengang and #tripletgang


Amen supernatural pregnancy hood and delivery is every one’s portion on this forum. Amen


Thanks Sis, Amen don’t worry triplets are coming your way ijn Amen.much :purple_heart:


Thank God for the sweet and easy journey. We all shall soon share our beautiful story soon in Jesus name.