My Pregnancy Journey


This is your thread now oo our pregnant sisters @Serem @Yeleyemi @Abby @Chi , own this thread and discuss your experience and all them preggy sturvs (in Falz voice), more of us sisters are joining this thread this month by the grace of God and we want to learn how it’s going. Your moods, cravings and experience as you go along the preggy journey till childbirth.

Other mommas too that have put to bed should please help our preggy sisters out @aydiva @Sapphire and others.

This is so exciting! I can assure you other expectant mothers will definitely be sneaking in to read about your journey.


Sighs! I don’t know where to start from sef. I am always tired, hungry and sleepy. Scan shows it’s a boy :boy: and everything looks good. But I just av this craving for agonyin beans, at times I just like to be licking toothpaste :joy: , oga is just tired of me. b4 I forget plenty pimples and rash on my back and check:roll_eyes:. It is a new feeling entirely and I really love it.
We once tried to do the thing but am not just comfortable with the style…we ended up with (BJ - DH and fingering for me :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:) abeg don’t blame me, konji is a bastard.
My love for water nko be for here, but I gt tired easily. Some days am up and smart, others na PanaDull. I will keep updating as my day progresses. Hope to hear from @Yeleyemi @Serem and @Chi too. Make i go sleep small


Hello dear @abby,congrats dear na boyyyyyyyyyy all those feelings are very normal,but that licking of toothpaste lool,nawa oh, pregnancy can turn someone to something else, as for the pimples it will go itself,its very good to take lots of water,vegetables and fruits(fruits makes your baby fresh at birth)milk is also very good for you and the baby.Dont stress yourself at the same time don’t be too lazy because exercise helps during labor, make DH do jejely oh shall deliver safely IJN


Good to be here mothers, I just confirmed mine yesterday, spotted a little today and I did d test again and it was still positive.

. Hopefully by tomorrow it will be clearer.


:joy: at d licking of toothpaste, can’t just stop lafing


Hello dear, about the spotting, hope it’s not much because it happened to me also when I was pregnant I spotted like 2months in fact then I never knew I was pregnant,please don’t stress yourself at all and you can go for blood test too to shall carry to full term dear, cheers


@abby hahaha ehya, its well…, @Serem God usually gives good and perfect gifts, so rest your mind on Him.
Hmmmm mi like this, its sleep, pepper food and just to be free up and down that seems to be my case now. Also early in the morning slight headache and feelings to vomit is the case study now and lastly midnight I must be awake for almost 2hrs turning left right and centre. No visa for DH yet oh cause am just not in the mood yet.


@aydiva, thank u very much d spotting has reduced drastically, my breast are beginning to feel sore, the cramping also reduced. Will go see my gynecologist by Monday. But hubby enter me today o, hope there’s no problem with dat? He was very gentle though


@yeleyemi amen, pls easy with the pepper o. God will strengthen us through this phase of our lives in Jesus name


@serem, thank God the spotting and cramping has reduced,as for the breast it is very normal to feel sore,it will reduce with time…awwwww you and hubby couldn’t resist konji ba,chai wait small oh,no disturb baby yet.congrats dearie.


hello dear @yeleyemi,all those symptoms are very normal,try and sleep as more as you can because when baby comes,no sleep again oh,abeg give DH visa so far the doctor does not advises to abstain,please no let Dh look out oh,you have to be in the mood…lol


Hahahaha I can’t fit laf o. Okk we will abstain for now. Hope u are good?


yes,am good dearie.Happy sunday


Same here, how are my babies


Hehehehehe @Abby loving this journey, and yes we moving it with you in our prayers. Woow tooth what? Chaii what these babies put mums thru, lol . Yeepee we having a son… Our babies are growing in numbers oo, thank you baba God. Biko if baby no gree u give Dh gym, rara do the micro phone ooo, at all at all na winch. Congrats again sweet


How are you doing @Serem, hope baby is 'OT asking you to eat inside the :toilet: lol, we are sure moving it with you sweet, how’s the morning palava, eheen ooo how r you guys coping at work, @Abby @Yeleyemi. God is una strength.


Congrats mama @Yeleyemi our prayers r with you, biko do as the body requires, rest the much you can, give Dh some tlc if u can, am sure after this first phase u will be hawt like fire. Reduce hand for pepper shaa , you know plenty pepper purges. Good luck as u journey thru.


Glad everything has reduced, so long as you don’t have any threat, fire down, though most times its advised to slow it down, till after the first trimester, I agree with you conji no no him mate lol. Trust the visit to ur gynea was good.


Hahahahhahaha funny u. Na in the evening e dey worry me o. Anything from 5pm I will just start catching cold and my breast will feel as if it want to cut lol. The cramping still comes 1s in a while. No food aversion yet


Hahahaha conji no know whether there is a bun in the oven o. Called my gynea and he said we should meet by Thursday. Thank u so much. Hope u are doing great too