My Pregnancy Journey


Lol kk trust your good though. Kisses to our baby


Hahahaha thanks dear, DH sef knows whatsup.


Asin ehn, u need to see DH beggn like his whole depended on it :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:.


okay dear,nice


Hahahahahaha God will strengthen them too in this period cuz e no easy for them too. Trying to adapt a a womans physiological changes. But it just has to be fun all the way


Uhmm, my dear it’s not easy at work but I have very nice colleagues and bosses, once it’s 12pm that’s when one yeye sleep and tiredness worries me. My locker is full of kolanut and chewgum and I try to walk around a bit. At least I can count like 4 times i had to go lie down in the sick room cos I was feeling dizzy. Above all, God has been strengthening me.


Awwwww thank God for strength to pull through, and wonderful colleagues, God bless them all, Pele dear


Awww,sorry dear its just for the main time,very soon at your second trimester you will start enjoying and getting used to it,there wont be any morning sickness. sorry dear the lord is your strength.the sleep is very normal too lool,i can sleep for Africa.try and eat well and avoid stress too.


Thanks to Jehovah… We too are expecting our bundles of Joy. So far. It’s been mood swings and feeling of vomiting. Little cravings and once I’m horny I go all the way with DH. Lol. Does this mean I have automatically joined the group


@gyollah congratulations to you, you shall carry to full term


Awww, congrats darling the rest of us are joining u soon. And yes…you are part of this group. Please share your experiences with us as you go along so we joining you later can learn from your experience.

You people will not kill person sha, seems the libido is increased during pregnancy.


Thanks sis… Hehehehheh yes ooo. And amen in Jesus name. Baby dust to all


Congrats mama, @Dyolahh we are all pushing the bump with you all the way in our prayers, welcome on board Sis, pls keep us updated on the cravings and all. Lol @ libido getting super high, na that one shark me pass shaa :joy:


Thanks darling sis :kissing_heart:


Dear @Dyolahh,you are so much welcome here,as for me oh libido went off during mine,well bodies are different,please enjoy preggy period dear,Red apple really works for me plus sugar cane incase you feel like vomitting. do share with us your experiences as it goes…cheers


Thanks sistur… Noted.


U are highly welcome @Dyolahh. The Lord will strengthen is all in Jesus name


Amen in Jesus name. Thanks sis :kissing_heart:


Amen in Jesus name. Thanks sis :kissing_heart:


Congrats once again to all the preggy mamas,please follow your hospital appointments as important as possible. Take your antenatal drugs. Enjoy the cravings, its part of our story as mamas. Perfect creation for our babies in the womb. Safe delivery