My Pregnancy Journey




Congrats to all d preg mamas in d house, may d lord strengthen u al through IJN. Babies dust to us all


All I do these days is vomit. Everything in my house smells, yesterday I had to sneak to 1 small mama put to eat pounded yam and it was heavenly. I enjoyed it so much but wen I got home I threw everything up. Presently, nothing wanna stay in my stomach anymore.
Hope u all are doing very fine?


Hello dear @Serem,its for the main time,there is a drug that I used back then to prevent vomiting I think it’s avomine and it really works for me then.enjoy the preggyhood dear.


Awww, sorry dear it is well. Avomine works well like @aydiva said, one of my friends used it then and it worked for her. :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:


That’s the joy dear @Serem,also it will be good if you cut down on food quantity. Taking like a quarter of your normal serving seize,to reduce stress on your GIT. Then don’t drink water or move around immediately after meal. Give your system pretty time to accept whatever you have taken. OK. Soon you will start slaying with your big tummy freely. Happy for you dear.


Mommas I greet u all o. I landed in d hospital yesterday. God is indeed faith to me, they said I had hyperemesis which made my blood pressure to reduce drastically to 70 50. Thank God for the prompt intervention, I was immediately treated me as emergency, I have been on non stop drip since yesterday till now. I am far better now and the vomiting has stopped and my blood pressure is just coming up gradually. God bless u all for ur concerns I am indeed in the midst of mothers


Mama, I don’t even eat at all talk more of reducing the quantity. It was that worse. Thank God I ate little pounded yam today


Thank God for speedy action to restore your blood pressure, it is well sweet. Devil is a liar, he shall not steal your joy. Please be more observant of any changes you notice. The Lord is your strength, please get well soon and rest as much as you can. It’s like it’s pounded yam that this our babies wants to be eating oo :grin:, please sha be eating as u can. Huggsss


Good morning mummy, thank u very much and Amen. The devil is just a liar. Lol ds babies no want form ajebor small o. Imagine ds morning I still want to eat pounded yam again but I ain’t gonna try that. They just checked my blood pressure now and is perfect. God bless u ma


Great! pls give these babies correct food oo, our babies know better things.


Thank God for perfecting the blood pressure, devil is a big fat liar, he can only try, but as for this one he’s failed yakata, this our babies r untouchable. Very sorry for all the wahala dear, God will strengthen you OK. Our prayers are still with you @Serem


Amen an amen. Tanx mama am grateful


Hahahahahaha yes mummy


Hello dear, thank God for quick recovery,the devil is a liar he has lost the battle.please take it easy oh, have you started antenatal,because at each appointment your BP is to be checked,all is well dear.


We bless God for quick recovery. Your heal is permanent. More grace and strength through your journey. In Jesus name, Amen


hello my pretty mamas, been a while oo, it’s the preggy oo. Been a bumpy and tiring one :frowning:, nausea, fatigue, sore breasts, sore feet, drinking water na war cos I always feel like throwing up. Taking bites of bitter cola and ginger to keep to away. Been home for few days now cos of the morning sickness. But it’s been fine so far and I pray you all join us in the train before the year ends IJN.


sorry dear @Abby,all those feelings will soon be over dearie,try and take fruits you will be fine.hope the twins have started kicking?


Awww! Is well with u mam. Just bear and u will soon put to bed. The joy of the Lord is our strength. Am still managing myself too, thank God for ginger that has been making me to eat eat lil by lil now.


Amen. Nagode mamana