My Pregnancy Journey


Wow… your experiences got me laughing. Good morning Mummies
We receive strength to carry through in Jesus (for all preggies and faith mothers).
Please rest well o. And take enough water too.


Amen sweet and hope u are fine too?


Ameeeen. How are u doing dear @Aabidemi?


Yeah am getting stronger day by day


Thank God, God will continue to give us strength


Amen. Hope my boys are kicking too


Hello mamas, these past few days has been challenging but I thank God I came out strong. Well, I lost my pregnancy 2days ago. It wasnt a funny experience but I thank God for making me pull through, had to go through evacuation 2days ago. None of u will experience what happened to me in Jesus name, God will strengthen u all to carry to term in Jesus name. Much love.


OMG what happened? :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:
This is very sad, please accept my heartfelt support and love. It is well with your soul and affliction shall not rise the second time IJN. was there any complications? I’m really sad to hear this. Please be strong sis and know that God never fails.

Fruitful sisters please let’s show our support and commit ourselves and others pregnant in God’s hands. We shall not cast our young IJN.


Sorry for your loss dear. God will grant you the one that will stay with you.
Big hug


Hugs darling, it’s well. I share in your pain, can imagine what you have been tru, pls wipe ur tears my love. We can only be thankful to God, cos you know he gives the best. Love you always sweet.


Thank u so much for the love. There was actually no complications, on Friday I noticed a little discharge of blood, so I called my gynea and he said I should take bed rest and see him Tues which is tomorrow. That evening I noticed my symptoms had dropped drastically, so the following morning I decided to go for an ultrasound scan in 2 different reputable diagnostic centres and it shows the baby was 7 weeks old with no heart beat and I was actually in 11 weeks and 6days.
I just return all the glory to God that I am fine.


Thank u so much mam. Plenty love to my baby


Amen. Am grateful ma



We thank God for your life and many more to come. Plenty love


OMG,am so sorry for this,God will replace the pain with precious babies,i pray such will never happen again to you and any fruitful moms in the house,.There shall be no more loss.Amen


The God that did it for you will perfect it for you, hold on to him, I can understand how you feel but God is still working wonders, by this time next year you shall be nursing your baby, God cannot lie, He is too faithful to fail. For all the mothers in the waiting room in this week or shiloh God will remember us all.




Amen, thanks for the love. God bless u all


Ameen. Am grateful ma


God Almighty will strengthen you @Serem, it is well with you, pls be strong.