My Pregnancy Journey


Affliction will not raise the second time, your new dawn has come for a testimony, for your shame God said He will give you double, for your delay He will give you double. As long as the Lord liveth His words will surely come to pass in your life. Rejoice cos God has remembered you and He has done it for you.


Take it easy


Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear this. May the Lord pull you through. Hugs xx


Ammeen. Thank u ma


Amen. Thank u so much mam


Thanks for the love mam


@Serem,oh my God what’s this. Sweetie it’s well with you. Your life is more important dear. Get ready for a greater miracle and a lasting one. The blessings of God over your life shall be sustained by the mercies of God. Lots of love dear. Just be sure the evacuation was completely done. Once your cycle restores, do uterine detoxification OK. To clean up completely and have a healthy womb. If you will remember my post when we discussed on the right time to start antenatal, I sighted my neighbors case, exactly your kind of experience. Unfortunately/fortunately for her, she entered the theater 2wice after the first evacuation. But thank God things were sorted out on time. It’s well dear. Much love dear