Negative reactions from friends when you are ttcing


My beautiful mamas, how was ur day? I hope not too stressful like mine. I just managed to sneak out so I can leave on time.
Ehn ehn, that’s how @MamaTwins said she will start this thread and we still waiting o :stuck_out_tongue:.

I used to wonder if I was overreacting, petty or asking for too much when I get these negative reactions from my supposedly close friends. But then I realized it’s a common reaction from other female to women ttc.

A friend who was very close to u suddenly started acting weird just bcos she’s pregnant or just put to bed, then u start asking urself jamb questions :thinking::thinking:. One of my friends recently did this to me and began to act like I could av gotten pregnant like her if only I did exactly what she tells me :roll_eyes:. I just jejely give her room so I can be myself rather than be her puppet. What reactions have you received from your friends who recently got pregnant or put to bed.

Please share let’s laugh over it, bcos that is the only antidote for their behavior.
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NB: I just burnt my stew with on top this aproko :sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:


Lol sorry about the burnt @ThefruitfulWife, aproko can sweet shaa. I have explained mine earlier ooo, we women r our enemies, one moment, we are in same shoes kabashing, and visiting clinic, as soon as God remembers them, we get isolated, like (:notes: :notes: me and you no dey for the same “CATEGORY”) Issorit, like I said God sees our hearts, I wouldn’t know the medical or spiritual reasons they do that, but all I know, we will all sing a new song and testify ijn. Meanwhile I have learnt anew, anybody wey give me body language, me go give the person 1000 yards for free. However, my miracle will shock even d :smiling_imp:.


@Jay, Yes oo and the next thing they will start saying is …why do you like to isolate yourself? and I answered one just yesterday, me I no dey see person face and we are all busy :roll_eyes: #Guilty conscience.


@ThefruitfulWife we can’t be bothered remember :grinning::grinning:


Hmm, my dear some people don’t know the type of gist to be saying to someone ttc face,dey will start gitting about their children,my child did this my child did dat,they will even say what the child can’t do oh hmm dey will even be saying *eyin eje shey Kia *(you people be fast about having a child) as if we are manufacturers of children infact they will get you intimidated and you will start feeling you’ve been forgotten,sometimes I don’t care because I knew God’s plan for my life, my testimony will shake d world definately.


Oh yes, putting on my smiley face :joy::joy::joy:. Thanks hun :kissing_heart:.


@ThefruitfulWife i actually stay away from friends that already have kids ooo before they will start asking questions that touches the heart ooo


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: my dear na today? There was a time I was seeing pregnant women upandan, everywhere I look. Like 3 of my friends took in about the same time and they will now be telling u "don’t do missionary again, do doggy do this, do that. Some may even ask, which styles do you normally do sef? I just taya :rofl::rofl::rofl:. The best is to just ignore them and focus on God. It is well with us dear. :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:


Yay or Nay




A friend completely shut me out because she was expecting. She started acting wild, very annoying


The joy is that, they can not have our babies with theirs. Pls shift well for her and let her maintain her own lane. God will disgrace them all


In short in my compound it seems is competition. Two of them are pregnant almost the same time. both women have a year plus kid, each time we manage to see and gist the only thing you hear is how they are feeling, how they want to get bed rest notice from their doctor, how their husbands should take them to the hospital to run some test, the sex of baby they are expecting. Am the only one in that compound without a child yet, everyone has baby, I no dey fit drink water keep cup. Very soon I will avoid gisting with them total because all the gist they give make me feel bad but I don’t know how to tell them to stop mocking me, cos am not God who gives children.


@RedWine hugs hugs and kisses sweet, I know how u feel, sure you know your not alone, that’s y we are here, you r neither the cause hun, non of those neighbors knows how conception takes place, but am sorry for them cos they feel it’s their right, therefore they can tongue hurt others, sometimes I wonder if people have conscience really, but you know what, God is preparing your/our wombs for the best, the best that will shock the world, just be happy and pray for them, cos when you go born your own, e go be like say nobody Don ever born before, that’s how God works, celebrate them if possible, and in no time you will in turn be celebrated. Those neighbors will tell your story. Don’t sweat it sis


@Jay thanks alot.


Sighs! we understand dear but let them continue cos it is their time. Your time is almost here and the limelight will be all over you with people marvelling at how God has honoured you. Please be happy for them because your time is surely coming and you and everyone her shall sing a new song by the grace of God. Don’t be bothered and don’t let them get to you hun, God and we sisters here have gat ur back.


@ThefruitfulWife thank you so much for the encouragement.


My experience was yesterday , myself and some friends went to visit a friend that put to bed and one of us stretch hands to carry the baby she refused that the baby is not yet time lol! God answer our prayer oooo


My dear, don’t worry God will give us ours that we will carry and hold. Na so life be oo


@Remmy God will do it for us all soonest, just hold onto him.