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Hello everyone. Am new here. Getting married end of this month. Is good too b here


Welcome Hon. You will sure love it here. Congratulation in advance.


Welcome on board to motherhood @Mz_pheranmi, we congratulate you in advance and pray for quick conception and favour in your home. Please start on your prenatals or folic acid now and limit your sugar and processed food intake. We await our invitation :hugs::kissing_heart:


Welcome dear congrats in advance. God bless your home.


welcome dear @Mz_pheranmi,HMl in advance,plus wonderful babies will follow.God bless you dearie.


Welcome and big congratulations to you, God will smile at you instantly.


Thank u so much. Amen to ur prayers


Good morning everyone, it’s so nice to be here


Welcome fruitful sis, we are glad to have you here. Please share with us as you read along. Pls don’t forget to start taking fruits and prenatal vitamins


Thanks alot,pls what kind of prenatal vitamins should I take as a matter of fact I wish to conceive as soon as possible


Hi dear, very much welcome, and Happy New Year, we glad to have you around. You can start taking folic acid, or pregnant care for conception. Pls take more veggies and water OK, congrats in advance darling.